Our Staff


Pastor Robert Strong

Senior Pastor

Pastor Strong was born and raised in Missouri and had the privilege of completing his Bachelors of Biblical Studies at Hannibal LaGrange, Masters of Biblical Languages at Midwestern Theological Seminary, and is now continuing his education through PHD studies at Midwestern.

Robert is married to Hannah, who is currently a pediatrics physician practicing in Highland and Greenville Illinois. They were  married on June 11, 2011 and currently do not have any children, but they do have three dogs whom are treated very much like kids.

He love sports and both Robert and Hannah love to cook. They always look forward to having people over to their house, and spending time with church members just about any way they can. 

Ministry is Robert's  number one passion in life. In his own words: "Other than my commitment to my wife and our marriage, there is nothing I desire more than to be an effective pastor, preacher, and teacher for the Lord.If you are looking for a church, it is my prayer that the Lord will lead you to his destination for you. If that destination is Meadow Heights, then I pray you will come and unite with us in Christian living and community outreach. "


Pastor Jim Robinson

Associate Pastor - Minister of Music


Pastor Rich Bitterman

Director of Family Ministries

Rich and his wife Joy joined Meadow Heights in 2018 from the Kansas City area, where Joy is still an office manager at a medical clinic. They have two daughters: Haley, who is married and teaches second grade, and Sydney, who is working toward her undergraduate degree in Education.

Rich has many hobbies, including canoeing, fishing, rebuilding big-block Mopar motors, gardening, and classical guitar. He also notes that he loves socializing with and learning about people, which has made him at home quickly as the Family Minister for Meadow Heights. 


Gloria Wagner

Office Manager


Colleen Henderson

Financial  Administrator


Shelly Snyder