Sunday Bible Studies





















We have a place for everyone, even the little tykes.

Nursery                        Teacher: Various                              Room: E113
Loving care for bed babies
Toddlers                       Teacher: Cookie Garcia                  Room: E113
Children begin to learn about God
2 and 3 year olds        Teacher: Ronda Morris  & Sarah Wilkerson     Room: E105

We learn through play and music. We follow Lifeway program for the Bible study, we have puzzles, play kitchen, blocks, and many other fun games. We also provide security cards for drop off and pick up. 
4 and 5 year olds        Teacher: Stephanie Wagener        Room: E110
We do a series called Gospel Project for preschool. We do a lot of fun activities and we go through the Bible from creation through to the return of Christ. 



These are classes for children from first grade through sixth grade.

1st and 2nd grade        Teacher: Colleen Henderson & Marty Ramsey      Room: CH211
Kids going to this class will find themselves doing a Bible study and a craft each week. The lessons include 
reading from the Bible, application of the Bible, and God’s plan of salvation and prayer. 
3rd and 4th grade        Teacher: Kim Martin & Jody Biggs       Room: CH212
Students in this class will enjoy doing a Bible study and a craft each week. We hope to help our students learn the Bible and apply it to their own lives. 
5th and 6th grade        Teacher: Brock Bauer & Hope Belcher       Room: CH210
Brock puts together a bible study each week for the students that helps to teach them about the bible and to see how it is applicable to their everyday lives. This is a fun, interactive, and engaging class for your children. 


This is a Bible Study geared toward today's youth.

7th and 8th grade        Teacher: Del Henderson        Room: CH107
The Jr. High Class is a wonderful, fun-filled transition into our dynamic Youth Department. Our emphasis is encouraging Youth in developing a deep and meaningful “personal relationship: with Christ. 
High School                   Teacher: Chris Meeks             Room: CH108
In class we read and focus on God’s word, then as teachers we share our understanding of the text. We initiate discussion and input and promote a learning and loving atmosphere. 

College and Career

This is a Bible Study with young adults in mind.

College and Career     Teacher: Dianna Henderson    Room: CH203
The College and Careers class welcomes young adults for fellowship and God centered discussion regarding the Bible and how it relates to our everyday lives. 


We have many Bible study options to choose from based on your interests.

Mike Hester's Class             Teacher: Mike Hester                Room: E104 (Conference Room)
This is a class for those looking for lively discussions. Each person in the class gets their own study guide as the class works through a book of the bible. 
Pathfinders’ Class                 Teacher: Stan Smith                 Room: Fellowship Hall
This is a 45+ coed class. Stan leads an in-depth study through a book of the bible. Participants and all Members of the class are encouraged but not pressured to engage in conversation and learning each week.
Ron Henderson's class        Teacher: Ron Henderson        Room: E120
This is a mixed class. There is a lot of discussion taking place in this class. Great for those looking for an interactive experience. 
Priscilla Class.                       Teacher: Alice Watson               Room: E124
This class works through the Bible Studies for Life series. This is a women’s 70 and up class. This is a wonderful class full of women with a wealth of wisdom. 
Fisherman's class                Teacher: Jim Noeth                    Room: E125
This class is lively and active. They do bible studies in the Discover the Bible Series. Expect great discussions and biblically based lessons. 
Ken Ramsey's class            Teacher: Ken Ramsey                Room: E215
If you are looking for a class that is more diverse, then this the class for you. You will find people of all ages and those that are married and unmarried. This class uses Explore the Bible as their study material.